Quin69 defeats The Maven in Path of Exile, signifying final leg of subathon

It was a 12 day run.

Screengrab via YouTube

After 12 days, Twitch streamer Quin69 finally entered the final hours of his subathon stream following an impressive hardcore run in Path of Exile.

Subathon streams have been all the rage recently after Ludwig held his record-breaking stream. But Quin’s stream was unique in that the timer would continue to add time for each subscriber until he was able to finish a deathless run in Path of Exile.

After slowly grinding through the game over the past two weeks, the streamer finally managed to achieve his goal by taking down the Maven earlier today.

The Maven is arguably the most difficult boss in the game and to defeat this enemy during a deathless run is an impressive feat.

Quin began his subathon stream alongside the launch of Path of Exile: Ultimatum. The latest expansion of the game brought with it a range of changes and new editions–but for Quin, it brought a unique challenge to partake in for his viewers.

For each subscriber during this stream, 40 seconds was added to a timer, and the stream would not end until the timer hits zero. Now that he has completed his Path of Exile challenge though, the timer will no longer increase, and he’s left to bask in victory and continue streaming until it runs out.

Quin is left with just over a day of stream time left at the time of writing, before he can finally close off the stream after almost two weeks of being live.