QTCinderella reveals Girls Trip, featuring 15 streamers in one house

QTCinderella announces her latest collaborative event.

Popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella announced her latest collaborative event, Girls Trip, featuring 15 streamers living in one house from May 4 to 7.

Vlogging BrookeAB’s girls’ night in December 2021, QTCinderella has announced that she is attempting her own version of the event this coming May. In a Jersey Shore-like video with an original song from ARIatHOME, QTCinderella officially announced Girls Trip with a stacked lineup of popular streamers.

Girls Trip is set to include QTCinderella, JustaMinx, Maya Higa, the Botez sisters, Alinity, Sydeon, LilyPichu, Bnans, Kato_Kat, KKatamina, AriaSaki, QuarterJade, Alluux, and xChocobars. With 15 total streamers, this list ranges from content creators affiliated with OfflineTV, TSM, NRG, and more. This list of streamers are set to share only one house for their four-day event, although it is unclear exactly where this event will take place.

While the event will initially be streamed from QTCinderella’s Twitch account, the entire event will be broadcasted across all 15 streamers’ channels. Fans can likely expect a master list, mimicking the one used from Shit Camp, another QTCinderella-hosted event.

No stranger to hosting events, this will be QTCinderella’s latest major collaborative effort which she is spearheading. Off the heels of the Streamer Awards, QTCinderella managed to pull off one of the most-watched Twitch events with countless streamers in attendance. Already experienced in gathering streamers together for some of the platform’s most chaotic and innovative content, Girls Trip will undoubtedly add to her already impressive repertoire of collaborative broadcasts.