Pokimane struggles to figure out how to aim in CS:GO

"Why is the recoil like this?"

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/pokimane

Pokimane valiantly attempted to learn how to play CS:GO on stream yesterday with the help of her chat room. But as you might expect, there were numerous moments of growing pains. 

Nothing screamed “new to this game” like her inability to aim using an AK-47, which had more recoil than Pokimane was expecting.

Hyping herself up, she told her chat “I’m big girl, not aim at ground girl.” This gave her entire following encounter with a few enemies a hilarious nature since she repeatedly failed to land a shot with the automatic weapon. 

After eight seconds of shooting, Poki was killed after she struggled to hit her mark, leaving her perplexed. 

“What? Why is the recoil like this?” she said. 

Not realizing that her strategy of just holding down her mouse buttons to fire was a poor one, Pokimane’s chat informed her that she needed to shoot in bursts instead of spray and pray. They also gave her a couple of other tips for aiming that she seemed to need as well regarding where to pull her mouse to aim more effectively. 

It’s difficult to be too critical of Pokimane’s lack of experience, though. The Just Chatting streamer has little experience playing first-person shooters on stream. In 2019, she stayed under the “Just Chatting” category for 388 of her 980 total hours of airtime.

Her most-played FPS was Apex Legends, which she only spent 51 hours playing. She also played Fortnite for 88 hours on stream, which is a third-person shooter.