Pokimane reacts to streamer tier list: ‘xQc put me in B tier? How f*****g dare he’

"I'm kidding ... this s**t was funny as hell."

Screengrab via pokimane on Twitch

Pokimane recently took a look at some of the drama that has been floating around the streaming community this past week, and as is typical, it revolves around the enormous personality of xQc.

Last week, the former Overwatch League player generated what he believed to be a definitive tier list of the top livestream content creators and he caught some flak from fans of some streamers who he didn’t put at the top of his list.

His S tier included himself, Summit1G, Asmongold, and Tyler1, and his A tier had 12 streamers, including Ludwig, Sodapoppin, Dr Disrespect, and Shroud.

In the B tier, xQc caught some heat for placing Hasan lower than the political streamer believed he should be. And right next to Hasan in the same tier was Pokimane, who had an aggressive initial response to seeing her placement on stream.

“XQc put me in B tier?” she said. “How fucking dare he. He comes to my home, shits in my toilet, farts on my computer chair, and I still treat him with the utmost fucking respect, and he’ll put me in B tier beside Hasan? Are you fucking kidding me?”

But Pokimane was quick to follow that statement up by admitting that she was just doing a bit because it was funny. She didn’t genuinely care about the list or where she is on it.

“I’m kidding,” she said. “I don’t give a fuck, but this shit was funny as hell. I find it so interesting the kind of things that become a topic [on LivestreamFail]. … I really do think it’s a lack of content for people to make a big deal out of this.”

Last week, xQc’s tier list gained attention when it caused a bit of a feud between him and Hasan, who had a strong reaction to where he was placed on the list.

Naturally, the tiff between two content creators has elicited more reactions from other top content creators who are looking for something to react to. Asmongold, who was put at the top of xQc’s list, compared the feud to “toxic workplace drama,” and Mizkif questioned xQc’s intentions in creating the list in the first place.