Pokimane announces return to streaming after month-long break

"See you there."

Screengrab via Amazon

Pokimane, one of Twitch’s most popular personalities, has announced she will be making her return after a month-long hiatus.

The popular streamer shared last month she believed some time away from streaming would be best for her mental health. Pokimane announced this in a post which she elaborated further stating that due to the quarantine restrictions forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the streamer had lost her motivation for making content.

According to Pokimane, this month-long break was the first time she had taken extended time away from streaming since leaving high school over six years ago.

During this break, the streamer also took the time to release a YouTube video titled “my overdue apology,” addressing criticism she and her channel had faced before announcing her time off.

Much of this criticism came from or was inspired by a series of videos from recently banned YouTuber turned new Twitch streamer LeafyIsHere. These videos are believed to have been a large factor in why Leafy was banned from the platform.

While she did not go live on her own channel, Pokimane was active during the break making appearances on other streamers channels to join in with the rapidly successful Among Us gameplay.

During the break, the streamer also shared that she had been putting some time into playing competitive VALORANT and had achieved a diamond one ranking.

Fans of Pokimane will be able to catch her return to streaming at 2pm CT on Sept. 11 live at twitch.tv/Pokimane.