Pokelawls says Mizkif has joined NRG

The information was leaked during an exchange between the two streamers.

Screengrab via Mizkif

Given the nature of streaming, it is always important for streamers to remain vigilant to ensure they don’t reveal any private soon-to-be-announced information. Unfortunately for Mizkif, during a recent conversation with Pokelawls, some unreleased information has seemingly been leaked.

While the two were arguing, Mizkif criticized Poke by saying he had “TSM money.” Poke replied, “Dude, You’re on NRG.”

Mizkif was quick to call Poke on this, appearing confused before standing up and muting his stream. Once returning, Mizkif told poke he would speak to him in an hour and defended himself from the chat stating, “I don’t copy Chance (Sodapoppin) that much. Relax.”

Currently, nothing has been announced via Mizkif or NRG confirming their partnership. NRG currently has a variety of streamers on their roster, including Sodapoppin and BenjyFishy.

Earlier this month, TSM announced the addition of Pokelawls to their roster with a five-minute video showcasing some highlights from his career so far, including his brief stint as a professional Overwatch player. Poke got his start playing Overwatch. After gaining early access, he was able to become one of the best Genji players during that time. Since then, Poke has established a Twitch fanbase of more than 675,000 followers.

Mizkif continued his stream without confirming what had been said by Poke and appeared to remain confident that he was confused by the statement. If Mizkif has joined NRG, an announcement can be expected from either party sometime soon.