OTK events postponed following 2 members testing positive for COVID-19

It isn't clear how either of the streamers caught the virus.

Esports organization OTK (One True King) has been forced to postpone all upcoming events following multiple members testing positive for COVID-19.

In a post today, OTK revealed streamers Esfand and Russel had both tested positive for the virus while at different stages of the disease.

“Russel appears to be on the tail end of the virus, with the possibility that all traces of the virus may disappear from his system within the next few days,” the statement reads. “Esfand on the other hand, looks to be in the early stages of contraction.”

According to the post, Russel is believed to have caught the virus during the recent winter storm that left parts of Texas without power, water, and necessities for days. The severity of this extreme weather forced many people out of their homes to find safe shelter.

During this time, many streamers were able to find shelter together at Mizkif’s house. While no one in the house has tested positive aside from Esfand and Russel, streamer Trainwreckstv believes it’s likely everyone in the house may have caught the virus also.

At this time the upcoming OTK “Clash of the Couples” event has been postponed again as well as all other planned events until quarantining is over for the two streamers and the virus has cleared their system.