Ninja shows off unique bottle of Dom Perignon champagne

Could the streamer be teasing a big announcement?

Screengrab via Ninja

High-profile esports leagues and streamers getting endorsement or product deals from non-esports related companies isn’t a new thing. Ninja, for example, keeps on pushing the boundaries of how far a streamer can go in the real world. His most recent flex comes in the form of his branding on a box of Dom Perignon champagne.

The reason for Ninja’s celebration is unclear, but there’s a ton of speculation that can be made following the shutdown of Mixer. 

While Ninja’s popularity has waned a tad as Fortnite has fallen out of the mainstream news cycle, he’s remained no less popular in gaming circles. This is far from his first real-world crossover, too. He’s appeared on Ellen, hosted an infamous New Year’s Eve event in Times Square, and has a wig in Walmart

Early in 2020, Ninja had his own skin made available for purchase in Fortnite. And in August 2019, he signed a massive deal with Adidas, presumably for a substantial amount of cash. 

Since Mixer shut down, Ninja hasn’t committed to a new streaming platform. In July, he streamed on YouTube. And then he popped over to Twitch early in August. The exact date of his return to full-time streaming is unknown, but it could be soon as indicated by the massive bottle of champagne with his logo on the box. 

Wherever he chooses to go next, he’ll likely be making so much money that a $500 bottle of champagne will be like a drop of water in a well.