Ninja donates $5,800 to streamer who had numerous donations refunded

The streamer was also charged $400 in fees following the refunds.

Donations are one of the most important ways for streamers to make an income, but sometimes, the system is abused and actually adversely affects the streamer.

One streamer, AverageJonas, was in this proverbial boat after a donator refunded numerous donations totaling $5,400, in addition to forcing the streamer to front a cancellation fee of $400. After Jonas tweeted this, though Twitch megastar Ninja donated the entire refund amount and an extra $400 to cover the cancellation fee.

Jonas is a VALORANT streamer who has made his name playing Sova. He has been grinding his way to reach Radiant over the past season, something Ninja has also done since VALORANT’s release earlier in the year.

Many streamers have encountered chargebacks at some point. Chargebacks happen when a user donates to a streamer then proceeds to dispute the payment or void it for several reasons. For larger donations, this can cause penalties or processing fees to come out of the streamer’s pocket and can potentially get the streamer’s account flagged if it is to happen regularly.