NICKMERCS is teaming up with Barstool’s Sportsbook

Bet on it.

Image via FaZe Clan

NICKMERCS is known for his love of traditional sports, regularly posting about bets that he’s placed on high-profile events. And now, he has a sponsor to turn the hobby into profit. 

NICKMERCS officially announced today that he’ll be working with digital sports media company Barstool’s “Sportsbook” department dedicated to sports betting.

Acknowledging the partnership on stream, Mercs promised that there would be numerous activations coming surrounding the deal. But he didn’t have any details regarding what fans could expect. 

“I don’t have all the juicy stuff for you today, but going forward, I just wanted to announce it,” he said. “But to everybody who guessed it, like, god damn. Like half of you guys were all right on the money. It was a little bit annoying, but I respect it.”

Mercs off-handedly suggested that Barstool will likely be activating its sponsorship through the betting picks he makes on a weekly basis for top traditional sporting events. He also promised that the partnership will include “a lot of things for you guys specifically in the chat.”

Today’s move comes just a week after Mercs unveiled a sponsorship with CashApp. But activation of that partnership was more immediate with the company giving away money to viewers of Mercs’ channel on the day of the partnership announcement.