Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals: Scores and standings

This will be the first time in a while that a team not named "Method" will win.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International is hosting its Global Finals this weekend for the first time without any team representing the esports powerhouse Method. 

Following sexual misconduct allegations that came to light last month regarding MethodJosh, many players left the organization despite Method releasing Josh from the team.

Prior to this week, Method had two teams—one North American and one European—that largely dominated the scene, winning regional and international competitors alike.

This week, the former European Method squad is competing as the top-seeded team under the name “Wunderbar.” Meanwhile, the North American squad announced earlier this week that it’ll start competing under the banner of the NBA Golden State Warriors’ esports franchise, the Golden Guardians.

Competing on opposite sides of the bracket, the two teams are among the favorites to face off in the upper bracket finals of the three-day, double-elimination tournament. 

You can watch all the action live on the Warcraft YouTube channel. But in case you miss anything, we’ll be updating the scores from the weekend here leading up to the grand finals on Sunday, July 10.

Here are the results for the Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals.



  • WUNDERBAR defeats Goosy Bad 2-0
  • Ethical defeats Deplete From Beyond 2-1
  • Golden Guardians defeat The Boys 2-0
  • Complexity Limit defeats Perplexed 2-0


  • WUNDERBAR defeats Ethical 2-0
  • Golden Guardians defeat Complexity Limit 2-0


  • WUNDERBAR defeats Golden Guardians 2-0


  • Deplete From Beyond defeats Goosy Bad 2-1
  • Perplexed defeats The Boys 2-0
  • Deplete From Beyond defeats Complexity Limit 2-1
  • Perplexed defeats Ethical 2-0
  • Deplete From Beyond defeats Perplexed 2-1
  • Golden Guardians defeat Deplete From Beyond 2-0


  • WUNDERBAR defeats Golden Guardians 3-2