Myth perfectly impersonates xQc while casting a VALORANT match

If you close your eyes, it's hard to tell the difference.

Screengrab via Myth

XQc is known for his unique stream personality and distinct voice and cadence. Several people have attempted to mimic xQc, but few are able to recreate his voice perfectly. But last night, popular streamer Myth pulled off an impressive impersonation of xQc while casting a VALORANT match. 

Myth was watching a VALORANT match between Cloud9 and Envy in the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational when a viewer asked if he could cast a round while imitating xQc. Myth has impersonated xQc effectively in the past and was ready to do it again. 

Myth started to provide insight into each team’s economy and how he would have personally upgraded certain weapons. He blurred certain words together and paused between every few words, just like xQc does when he’s excited. Myth also used a more guttural tone when he got excited, just as xQc does when he begins to yell. 

The chat enjoyed Myth’s impression of xQc and was impressed by how he shifted into the impersonation seamlessly. He stopped the impression at the end of the round, but he easily could’ve cast the entire match while in character. 

Myth is a popular streamer who rose to fame in Fortnite, where he originally impersonated xQc alongside Ninja and TimTheTatman. He’s since established himself as a talented VALORANT player who also has a unique ability to mimic other iconic streamers.