MOONMOON pulls off impressive 1-vs-3 in Demon’s Souls

It wasn't even close.

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One of the titles that was released alongside the new PS5 console is a remake of a PS3 game called Demon’s Souls. Demon’s Souls was the original title in the Souls series that was made popular due to its difficult gameplay. With this remake, the title has become popular for streamers who put their skills to the test as they try to defeat many of the challenging levels within the game.

One popular streamer, MOONMOON, has chosen to make use of the game’s PVP content regularly, streaming gameplay of him pitting his ability against other players in the game.

During a recent livestream, MOONMOON showcased an impressive victory in a one-vs-three fight. The streamer made short work of his enemies, launching them off the bridge with a single blow to each.

Later in the stream, MOONMOON explained that he had to make a quick decision to take out the closest enemy as soon as possible to give himself the best chance of eliminating the remaining two. Following this, the streamer was able to outmaneuver and out-skill the enemies to win.

MOONMOON also said that while he was aware the host of the game was the second enemy he had sent flying from the bridge to their death, he still proceeded to take out the final enemy in a swift fashion to increase his PVP stats and “secure Twitch clip of the year.”

Due to his experience and skill at the game, the streamer’s in-game character, John Souls, has become likely the most well-known PVP character in Demon’s Souls.