Mizkif says he’ll “never touch [Among Us] again” after viewers criticize his gameplay

“You’re telling me I need to master this game in order to enjoy myself?"

Screengrab via Mizkif

Among Us has recently seen an impressive spike in viewership since its 2018 release. With this, many of the platform’s largest streamers have begun competing against each other within the game with a variety of skill levels and commitment to learning it.

Some streamers have been taking the game incredibly seriously, while others have been playing the game more casually for some fun with friends. One of these more casual Among Us streamers, Mizkif, hit back at criticism from his chat regarding his skill in the game.

After a person in his chat told him he needs to learn the game, Mizkif responded by saying this may not be the channel for him.

“So you’re telling me that I have to be sweaty nonstop, people need to complain constantly because I just want to enjoy myself?” Mizkif said. “You’re telling me I need to master this game in order to enjoy myself? I can’t just have fun with friends and chill out?”

Mizkif continued by questioning what’s wrong with the viewers who continue to tell the streamer he needs to improve at the game.

“What is wrong with these viewers where I cannot literally just sit here and play two or three games with Lacari?” Mizkif said. “I don’t get it. Go watch some sweaty streamers play this, don’t watch me. Get out of here. It’s so obnoxious. If that’s what you need, you need someone screaming and yelling, then you’re at the wrong place.”

Since this interaction, Mizkif said he’ll no longer be playing Among Us on stream. He said the harassment from viewers has driven him to stay away from the game in the future.

“That sucked seeing my chat do that, and what sucked even more was seeing the people come into the chat pretty much telling me I’m useless because I didn’t do a task or I did something wrong or I didn’t go the right way,” Mizkif said. “So those are two reasons why I’ll never touch that game again.”

Among Us has provided some recent intense arguments between players as well as causing many streamers to leave games due to different players taking the game more or less seriously than others. Despite this, the game continues to remain a popular choice for many of the biggest streamers on the platform right now.