Mizkif saves rare Charizard card from destruction on Sodapoppin’s stream


Screengrab via twitch.tv/sodapoppin

With the spike in popularity of Pokemon cards on Twitch, popular streamer Sodapoppin chose to take a different approach to his unboxing stream, opting to destroy the cards straight out of the box.

Fortunately, fellow streamer Mizkif, who was brought in to witness the destruction, chose to save one of the rarest cards.

After a Holographic Dark Charizard was pulled, Soda forced Mizkif to dunk it into water along with other Charizards that had been pulled during the stream. Understandably, Mizkif was hesitant to do this, although he was left with little choice.

Following the dunking, Mizkif managed to take the card out, hiding it away so he could take it home.

As you’d expect, Soda was not impressed to hear the news.

The Holographic Dark Charizard has a value of $8,000, but now that it has water damage, that value has likely decreased significantly. Despite this, the card had a much nicer fate than many of the others who wound up being burned at the end of the stream.