Mizkif explains the evolution of Twitch

The streamer pointed out the influx of new viewers recently coming to the platform.

Screengrab via Mizkif

Twitch has been around since 2011, providing a place for users to livestream content and grow communities. And during a recent stream, popular Twitch personality Mizkif shared his thoughts on how Twitch has evolved since its beginnings.

While reacting to a YouTube video last night, Mizkif proceeded to break down the communities that have used Twitch. He began by noting that every community on the site has recently had an influx of new viewers who aren’t familiar with Twitch culture.

“Every community nowadays has an influx of new viewers that don’t know the memes, don’t know the old shit, don’t understand and it’s almost like they’re not on the hive mind,” Mizkif said. “I feel like when Twitch chat all gets it’s it is more fun, whereas when they all come from different communities it’s not as interesting.”

The streamer then proceeded to open Paint and create a diagram to back up his statements. In this diagram, Mizkif outlined the initial community on Twitch consisting of gamers who played titles such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and League of Legends. The streamer explained that the initial community is where a lot of the memes and trolls stem from. But now, he thinks the platform caters to a much wider audience, not specifically for watching games.

“Twitch has just become more accessible,” Mizkif said. “Back then in order to watch Twitch what did you need? You usually needed a decent PC and honestly who had that? More the people that were super serious into gaming.”

The growth of Twitch has seen it expand onto an array of different platforms since its release and it’s now available on most mobile and console systems.