Mizkif completes Super Mario 64 speedrun on final attempt before having to shave his head

"I'm a god"

Screengrab via twitch.tv/mizkif

When speedrunning, the stakes are already extremely high. Players attempt to hit their target’s and shave time off their total time. But for one streamer the stakes were made even higher with a challenge to determine whether he would keep his hair.

During a recent stream, Mizkif attempted to record a Super Mario 64 playthrough in under 20 minutes. After trying and failing to achieve this goal on many attempts, the stakes were raised as he agreed to shave his head should he be unable to hit this target in a few attempts.

Fortunately, on his final attempt, Mizkif managed to pull it off. He defeated bowser and clocked a time of 19:24. Fellow streamer Simply who did his best to provide in-depth play by play commentary while Mizkif attempted the challenge.

During his time playing, the streamer had many close attempts before finally achieving his goal. As stated by Simply, Mizkif appeared to have mastered the earlier stages of the games with his issues coming in the middle parts of the playthrough.

Regardless of criticism from the commentary or his chat, Mizkif proved that he could complete the task and reclaim his claimed title of “best Mario player to ever touch the earth.”