Method officially terminates Jokerd’s contract

Jokerd was cut after less than a month with the org.

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Esports organization Method has confirmed that Daniel “Jokerd” Gobey, who became the first player in the world to reach level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, no longer represents the org.

“After having the chance today to meet with Jokerd’s manager, we can now confirm publicly that Method has terminated the contract of Jokerd effective immediately,” Method’s general manager Shanna “Darrie” Roberts said.

This announcement comes after Jokerd was removed from Method’s stream team yesterday due to “offensive and unsportsmanlike behavior,” the organization said.

Method signed Jokerd less than one month ago but decided to cut the streamer after he “ninjaed” the powerful Staff of Dominance from another player and taunted them.

“On behalf of Method, I want to apologize to our fans, sponsors, and community,” Darrie said yesterday. “We feel let down by his behavior, just as many of you are.”

Jokerd had more than 300,000 viewers watching him when he hit level 60 in WoW Classic on Aug. 30. Since then, his viewership numbers have decreased, but Method still signed him. It’s unknown if another organization will take a chance on the Maltese streamer.

Jokerd hasn’t commented on his dismissal yet.