Method catches up to Limit with smooth re-clear in WoW Race to World First

It's back to a two horse race.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Method has been raiding under a bit of extra pressure the past two days since North American guilds like Limit gained access to a mythic reset 16 hours before them in the World of Warcraft Race to World First. But with a smooth re-clear of their own today, Method is right back in the mix. 

Limit made the decision yesterday to re-clear the first 11 of 12 bosses in the Ny’alotha raid instance when North American servers had their weekly reset. The choice paid immediate dividends for the guild.

After taking out all 11 previously cleared bosses in just five hours, as opposed to the numerous days it took last week, Limit came into the final boss, N’Zoth, with what GM Maximum estimated to be an average of at least four to five item levels higher in gear, as well as pieces that boasted strong “corruption” buffs.

That helped the guild improve its best attempt on N’Zoth from around 50 percent health to 25 percent in just one evening of raiding.

Method, on the other hand, came into today with their best pull on N’Zoth sitting at around 66 percent. But to keep up with Limit, the guild plowed through the first 11 bosses after the European weekly reset in about five to six hours themselves. 

The re-clear pushed Method’s average item level up a noticeable amount as well, making their gear comparable, according to stats on

Across the board, killing bosses was easier for both guilds this week. The biggest problem bosses for Method last week, Il’gynoth and Ra-den, which took 76 and 79 pulls respectively, were downed in a fraction of the time this week. While Ra-den took a little bit longer (10 attempts), Il’gynoth fell over in just four tries. 

The improved item levels and gear have already helped Method improve their best pull on N’Zoth. Their previous best of 66 percent was lowered to 62.5 percent in a few pulls.