Method are bypassing anti-AFK at WoW Classic Race to World First

The players are probably very thankful.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Pro World of Warcraft team Method, who are co-hosting a WoW Classic Race to World First event, are apparently bypassing the game’s anti-AFK system at the team’s studio.

As seen on Method’s studio camera, players can stay logged into the WoW servers while taking breaks because Method goes to every computer and presses the spacebar, which resets the anti-AFK timer. Had they not done this, then players would be forced to log out and potentially have to wait for a spot in the server upon returning.

While some players will understand the reasoning why these players don’t want to wait, some have pointed out other players are waiting for server spots as well. While the players are taking breaks, those who have been waiting in queue could be playing instead.

Multiple WoW players are at the Method studios in hopes of becoming the first, or at least one of the first, people to reach level 60. This is a long and painstaking goal, but some players are nearing the end of the proverbial tunnel. KennyMarsh, for example, is at level 52 and may be one of the first players worldwide to achieve the feat.