MC Championship 10: Live scores, standings, and results

Who will be named the 10th Minecraft Champion?

Image via Noxcrew

The 10th iteration of the MC Championship ran by Noxcrew is not only underway but is pitting viewers against some of the biggest content creators to ever mine a block. 

Along with the usual roster shuffling between teams, eight teams of streamers and YouTubers now have to contend with two viewer teams who were selected by Noxcrew to compete in the event. Three-time MC Champion HBomb94 is commentating the event instead of competing this time too.

To help you keep track of the chaos, here are the current scores and standings for MC Championship 10.

Overall rankings

MC Championship 10 Champions: Orange Ocelots

  1. Orange Ocelots
  2. Green Guardians
  3. Red Rabbits
  4. Yellow Yaks
  5. Lime Llamas
  6. Cyan Creepers
  7. Aqua Axolotls
  8. Purple Pandas
  9. Sapphire Simmers
  10. Pink Parrots

Game 1: Bingo but Fast

Winners: Orange Ocelots (1,520 coins)

Runner-up: Yellow Yaks (1,400)

Game 2: Parkour Warrior

Winners: Red Rabbits (2,340 coins)

Runner-Up: Yellow Yaks (1,890 coins)


Winners: Cyan Creepers (2.052 coins)

Runner-Up: Red Rabbits (1,941 coins)

Game 4: Sky Battle

Winner: Green Guardians (3,952 coins)

Runner-Up: Lime Llamas (3,021 coins)

Game 5: Battle Box

Winners: Orange Ocelots (3,460 coins)

Runner-Up: Yellow Yaks (3,170 coins)

Game 6: Ace Race

Winners: Orange Ocelots (3,503 coins)

Runner-Up: Green Guardians (3,380 coins)

Game 7: Sands of Time

Winners: Red Rabbits (3,880 coins)

Runner-Up: Green Guardians (3,275 coins)

Game 8: Big Sales at Build Mart

Winners: Orange Ocelots (3,852 coins)

Runner-Up: Green Guardians (3,588 coins)

Final Game: Dodgebolt

Winners: Orange Ocelots

Runner-Up: Green Guardians

As for who is apart of said teams, you can find a list of all those taking part below:

Team Red Rabbits

  • Dream
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • SolidarityGaming
  • CptPuffy

Team Orange Ocelots

  • PetezAhhutt
  • SmallishBeans
  • FalseSymmetry
  • CubFan

Team Yellow Yaks

  • Krinios
  • Tapl
  • King_Burren
  • MichaelMcchill

Team Lime Llamas

  • Technoblade
  • Ph1lza
  • Nikachu
  • The_Eret

Team Green Guardians

  • Quig
  • DangThatsaLongName
  • Shubble
  • LdShadowLady

Team Sapphire Simmers

  • Vixella
  • KryticZeuz
  • Drgluon
  • James Turner

Team Cyan Creepers

  • Sapnap
  • CaptainSparklez
  • KaraCorvus
  • Stylvee

Team Aqua Axolotls

  • TommyInnit
  • Tubbo
  • WilburSoot
  • Pokimane

Team Pink Parrots (viewer team)

  • roguskii
  • asnazum
  • iicbunnyx

Team Purple Pandas (viewer team)

  • Kont2z
  • VapeK1t
  • itsoriah
  • yeetdaisie