Ludwig’s YouTube account unbanned, video ‘reinstated with age restriction’

Ludwig's back.

Screengrab via Ludwig

Ludwig is back on YouTube after being briefly banned when a recent video was flagged for “child safety.”

YouTube has reinstated his video with age restriction enabled and re-enabled his channel to upload content again. But Ludwig’s nearly two-year streak of uploading a YouTube video every day was jeopardized by this incident. He did upload a video titled “I got banned on YouTube [read description]” eight hours ago, but in the description, Ludwig says the video was uploaded three years ago and he posted it today “in hopes of somehow keeping [his] streak.”

“This might, however, be the end of the 618 days of uploading a video everyday,” Ludwig said in the video’s description.

Ludwig is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers and gained mainstream fame for his seemingly never-ending 31-day stream. For a month, viewers watched a non-stop view into everything Ludwig did, including but not limited to eating, sleeping in a red race car bed, and destroying said race car bed with sledgehammers.

Not much is known about the nature of the strike or ban on Ludwig’s YouTube account, only that it involved a recent video he uploaded. He was banned while live on Twitch and his viewers guessed that the ban stemmed from a recent “you laugh you lose” video that featured a joke about child labor and a monkey throwing feces at a child.

Ludwig’s channel should be back to a full uploading volume today. His channel boasts a preposterous 1.7 million subscribers and represents a significant revenue stream for the content creator.