Ludwig: ‘People are reaching’ to criticize Streamer Awards

Ludwig defends the Streamer Awards.

Image via Ludwig

Streamer of the Year recipient Ludwig Ahgren took issue with people attempting to find flaws in the recent Streamer Awards.

While on stream, Ludwig claimed people were “reaching into a bag” to complain about small parts of an event Ludwig believes ran extremely well, including the seating chart, how presenters walked to the podium, and other non-consequential details.

“The award show was insane. It was dope. Everything ran well,” Ludwig said, “It ran so well and was so good that people are trying to find little things to complain about.”

The Streamer Awards was among the first of its kind in the streaming industry. Entirely dedicated to streaming, the event boasted 27 total categories with all hosts, presenters, and even musical guests being active streamers. The show also broke records and had nearly 400,000 concurrent peak viewers watching the broadcast.

Despite the undoubted success of the inaugural award show, some critics have emerged. Sykkuno said it was ‘weird’ that he and several others were omitted from the streamer recap, for which Valkyrae, who echoed the sentiment, later apologized. DrDisrespect also claimed the event was only made to give awards to the host’s friends.

While the Streamer Awards was not without its critics, the event has still received overwhelming praise from viewers and streamers alike. With some debate still raging about the results, Ludwig asked for viewers to continue to focus on what the show did well.