Ludwig gives his opinion on xQc and the OTV and Friends Rust server

"At the end of the day, it's Rust."

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Over the past few days, many streamers have been playing Rust together on the Offline TV and Friends private server. During this time, there have been some clashes caused by different playstyles and personalities within the group.

Ludwig, a popular streamer and one of the participants in the server, shared his thoughts on the server during his most recent stream. He said players shouldn’t be “putting effort” into getting mad when they’re killed or griefed on the server. Ludwig thinks the server should be all about having fun and making sure others are also having fun.

Since his introduction to the server a few days ago, xQc has been bringing a combat-heavy playstyle that’s catered to the more competitive players while causing some issues for the more casual players.

During his stream, Ludwig also shared his thoughts on xQc’s playstyle. He said that while the former Overwatch League pro’s playstyle is fine for the game, the server isn’t your average Rust server. Ludwig explained that the way he treats other participants may be at the detriment of how they want to play the game.

XQc has been a polarizing figure for the other players on the server. Some people have been thankful to have a more aggressive gameplay style added to the server, while it’s caused issues for others.

Fellow streamer Shroud, who’s amassed the largest supply or weaponry on the server, shared his thoughts yesterday, predicting that xQc will either cause the end of the server or find himself being kicked.