Ludwig donates over $350,000 to charities with earnings from Subathon stream

The money was shared between six organizations.

Image via Ludwig

After hosting a massively successful Subathon stream during April and May, popular Twitch streamer Ludwig announced that the final donations had gone through to charities with earnings from the stream.

In a post by one of the streamer’s close friends Slime, he shared that over $350,000 was being donated overall to six different organizations.

Of these organizations, $200,000 went to the No Kid Hungry charity whose goal is to end childhood hunger in the U.S., $57,065 to the Humane Society animal welfare non-profit, and another went to $57,065 St Jude children’s research hospital. The remaining donation money went to CO Homeless Coalition, Free Meal Program University District, and a final $10,000 went to Slime’s old school.

This huge donation was made possible thanks to the subscribers supporting Ludwig’s stream over its duration. In its final hours, Ludwig agreed to increase the amount he would donate per subscriber to $5.

During this campaign, the streamer broke the record for the highest all-time subscriber count on Twitch, overtaking Ninja’s previous record with a total of roughly 282,000 subscribers. The stream was initially planned to run for around 24 hours, but after the platform rallied behind the streamer and the causes his subathon represented, it wound up lasting a whole lot longer.

The stream that began on May 14 ran until April 13 and saw Ludwig and his audience come together to gather this life-changing money that will be used to support thousands of people.