Ludwig banned from YouTube after video gets flagged for ‘child safety’

This brings an end to his 618 day upload streak.

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One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Ludwig, has been banned on YouTube for a week after one of his videos was flagged for “child safety.”

The shock suspension means the streamer won’t be able to upload for a week, bringing an almost two-year streak of uploads to an end, according to the streamer whose channel boasts 1.7 million subscribers.

Ludwig received the news while on stream. Despite him and his chat attempting to brainstorm what exactly caused the ban, all that is known right now is that it stemmed from his most recent “You laugh, you lose” upload.

There were two portions of the video that viewers pointed out suggesting that they were potentially the reason for this suspension, but Ludwig was quick to dismiss these ideas.

The first was a video of a monkey throwing its feces at a child, but as Ludwig points out, the clip was from YouTube and still remains live with a much higher view count than his own video. The other theory suggests that the ban came from a clip where the streamer spoke about child labor, but the streamer was not convinced that the ban could have stemmed from the clip.

“There’s no way that’s it, there’s no universe that that is it,” Ludwig said. “Unless it got spam reported by people trying to fuck with me as a meme, there’s no universe that that got flagged.”

Right now, it seems that Ludwig will need to wait for a response from YouTube to find out exactly what he has been suspended for. 

Update June 15 2:26am CT: YouTube has responded to Ludwig’s tweet and will have a team member review the video once again.