Lirik takes roleplaying to the next level on the GTA V NoPixel 3.0 server


GTA V streamers
Image via Rockstar Games

The recent iteration of NoPixel, the most popular Grand Theft Auto V role-play server, has provided countless funny or impressive moments as some of Twitch’s largest streamers immerse themselves in their characters.

During a recent stream, Lirik decided he would take this one step further booting up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while still playing on the NoPixel server and remaining in character.

To do this, the streamer opened the game and overlayed the capture window onto a computer located on the desk his character at which Clayvon was sitting.

This isn’t the only time that Lirik has gone the extra length to immerse himself in RP. During one of his first streams on the server, Lirikgave viewers some insight into his character’s past.

The NoPixel GTA V custom server is the perfect place to facilitate moments like this, boasting hundreds of different content creators all inside one lobby taking RP to the max. Sales for GTA V began to rapidly climb after the launch of NoPixel 3.0, a testament to the server’s popularity.

Shortly after the server’s launch, GTA V also became the most-watched title on Twitch, garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers.

In 2020, GTA V recorded over 20 million units sold, taking the overall total to 140 million units since its launch back in 2013. Last year was also the second-largest number of sales in a calendar year since the game’s launch.