Lirik donates 100 gifted subs to Games Done Quick after starting stream late

That's a hefty fee for being tardy.

Image via Games Done Quick

Lirik received a bit of flack from viewers today when he started his Twitch stream a few minutes later than his typical 11am CT start time. But instead of taking the criticism poorly, he decided to carry a more giving attitude. 

When one viewer wrote that Lirik should donate 60 subs to the Games Done Quick channel as punishment for his tardiness, the influencer doubled down and said that he would give 100 gifted subs to the organization that started its weeklong Awesome Games Done Quick marathon stream.

“Sixty gifted subs to GDQ for six minutes late?” he said. “I like it. This guy knows what he’s doing over here. I like it. Let’s make it 100. Let’s make it 100 boys.”

Games Done Quick is regularly one of the most-watched channels on Twitch each year despite only airing a few events. This week’s Awesome Games Done Quick event is one of the organization’s two primary annual speedrunning expos that raise money for charity.

AGDQ has been raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation since 2011. Last year, the event raised a record $2,425,790. Over the past three years, it’s managed to eclipse the $2 million mark. 

Lirik’s donation of subscriptions to the GDQ channel is significant because it operates using a subscriber-only chat room, meaning that he effectively just gave 100 people speaking privileges in the channel for this week’s marathon. 

At time of writing, GDQ has more than 124,000 viewers and the event has raised $196,965.