Limit get frustrated as World of Warcraft bugs continue to slow Race to World First progression

"It's been bad before, but this is just a completely different level."

Complexity Limit is getting dangerously close to taking out N’Zoth, the final boss of World of Warcraft’s Ny’alotha raid, which would effectively conclude their first-ever World First run. But it hasn’t been without its frustration.

This afternoon, the guild encountered the latest of many complications with bugs and hotfixes by Blizzard as it approached the final stretch of progression.

Consistently getting the boss down to around 25 percent health, the guild was trying to figure out what the next phase was for the fight, thinking there may be a return of the secret phase that they had a chance to progress on last week.

On a few pulls in which the guild got the boss’s health down to 25.5 percent, the guild noticed the portal they previously used to go to the hidden phase became active again and a barrier showed up around the boss, similar to what happened when they originally progressed to the secret phase. 

This forced the guild to reconsider how they approached the fight, so that they could make sure to have access to the gate when it became active.

Apparently that’s not how the fight was intended to go down, though. As the group continued working on adjusting their strategy, the group realized the boss wasn’t getting a barrier at 25 percent HP anymore.

Soon thereafter, Blizzard sent them an email informing them that the fight does not go back to the secret phase. Instead, Limit must burn the boss down as fast as possible with the battlefield slowly filling with lethal pools of black ichor making the final phase of the fight a damage race to the finish. 

While Limit’s GM, Max, seemed relieved to finally know what he needed to do in order to end the fight, he wasn’t happy with how much time the guild lost due to the instance seemingly changing before their eyes from one pull to the next.

“If they want the fight to be like that, you know they changed it from what it was right,” he said. “They changed the fucking boss… You were just supposed to kill him the whole time. That’s what they said. So what we did for the first 200 pulls, they just changed their mind or something… It’s been bad before, but this is just a completely different level.”

At time of writing this article, Limit has pulled N’Zoth 219 times, getting the boss as low as 18 percent health. Their biggest competition, Method, has pulled the boss 137 times, getting the boss down to 48 percent health on their best pull.