League of Legends streamer begs Twitch for answers following indefinite ban

The community has come out in support.

Image via Twitch

Streamer NickichLol is says he is still confused about the reasons for his ban on March 20.

In a video, Nickich shared that since his ban, he had made an appeal and also attempted to contact Twitch directly with no success. The ban took place early in the morning on March 20 and the reason for the ban, according to a notification the streamer received, was unmoderated hateful conduct.

Twitch didn’t provide any specifics as to what part of the stream had caused the ban but Nickich believes it may come from his channel being mass reported by Gross Gore fans after Nickisch trolled the streamer following his recent ban from Twitch.

Despite no specific reason for the ban, Nickich did apologize for any wrongdoing that resulted in the punishment. Nickisch also explained that he had made many lifestyle changes for the near future so he could commit to streaming full-time, including putting his studies on hold and moving.

Many of Twitch’s larger League of Legends personalities have come out in support of Nickisch, including Voyboy and Yassuo.

As is standard with Twitch bans, the platform does not release information on the specifics of a user’s ban. Right now, it isn’t clear if the appeal will be successful but with the support from the community, the streamer may get some answers.