Is the OTV and Friends Rust server available to fans?

Fans will have to opt-in for alternatives, for now.

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

OfflineTV has been working on a Rust server for a while and a more refined version of it recently went live on Dec. 27. Hosting numerous content creators, the “OTV and Friends” server includes more than 50 household names.

Though Rust had a decent following before OTV came into the scene, the game has started drawing more attention from gamers and fans of OTV over the past few days. Many fans are naturally wondering if they can play on the same server with OTV members, but it isn’t possible at the moment.

The OTV and Friends Rust server is invite based, so you’ll need connections to get in. If you’re a content creator who’d like to take part, you can try reaching out to one of the founding members of OTV on social media. There don’t seem to be any plans of creating a publicly available server for now, but that might be something that OTV members could consider if their individual fan bases show enough interest.

Keep an eye on OTV’s social media outlets and your favorite content creators. Community hubs like Reddit can also be your second stop since the news of a server for fans would spread quickly.

If you’d still like to dive into the action on your own, there are plenty of Rust servers to choose from. While some favor the role-playing aspect of the game, there will also be others that focus on combat, especially gunfights and raiding. You can invite your friends over and divide your squad into groups to play on a server of your own as well, which can allow you to have a more organic experience.