Ibai banned on Twitch after explicit content shown during rap battle stream

This is the third time the streamer has been banned.

Popular Spanish streamer Ibai has been banned on Twitch after breaching the platform’s explicit content rules on a recent stream.

In a tweet, Ibai explained that the ban came as no surprise to him. During a stream over the weekend, a male participant mooned the stream while partaking in a freestyle rap battle tournament on his channel.

“I desperately yelled a “NOOOO” as he turned around but I couldn’t help it,” Ibai said.

In a another tweet, Ibai explained that this was the third ban on his channel and each time the reason has been out of his control. The streamer urged other creators to be careful who they invite to be on their broadcasts as according to him, Twitch doesn’t care about context.

The stream that is believed to have breached Twitch’s ToS took place on June 12, but the suspension wasn’t enforced until today. When this punishment was rolled out, it cut Ibai’s stream short today, and it looks like he won’t be back live for the rest of the day.

To find out when the streamer goes back live, you may want to follow his Twitter and Twitch channels.