How to watch The Weeknd’s Jan. 6 concert on Twitch

The Canadian pop star is about to drop a new album.

Image via Twitch

The Weeknd, one of the most popular R&B singers of the past and current decade, will perform a live concert from somewhere in Los Angeles today that will be broadcast free of charge on the Amazon Music Twitch channel.

The live concert is a part of the 31-year-old artist’s promotion for his next album, Dawn FM, which will feature other artists such as Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne and is set to launch tomorrow, Jan. 7. The Weeknd will be performing in “103.5 Dawn FM,” a livestream that will air exclusively on the Amazon Music Twitch channel and in the Amazon Music app beginning today at 11pm CT.

On top of that, there will also be an exclusive merch drop at 10pm CT, one hour before The Weeknd starts his concert. Twitch brought musical content to its platform during the coronavirus pandemic and it made headlines in December 2021 with the exclusive Drake and Kanye West concert, two artists who recently ended a 10-year-long feud.

“All of us… together at once,” The Weeknd said about today’s concert. The Canadian also shared an image with almost all of the livestream’s timezones so fans from around the world can participate.

How to watch The Weeknd’s live concert on Twitch

The show will be aired live, free of charge, on Amazon Music’s official Twitch channel in all countries in which Amazon Music or Twitch operate.

The Weeknd will go live today at 11pm CT. It’s unclear how long the show will go on or if Twitch will leave a VOD available after it ends.