How to watch the 100 Thieves CashApp Pay-Day stream

The event will kick off at 12:45pm on April 20.

Image via 100 Thieves

Esports organization 100 Thieves is set to host a massive day of entertainment on Twitch sponsored by CashApp on April 20.

Continuing their longstanding partnership with CashApp, this event, the CashApp Pay Day, is set to be the biggest live event 100 Thieves have hosted on the platform, according to CEO Nadeshot.

The CashApp Pay-Day will boast a mix of live podcasting, musical guests, trivia, and the biggest Uno tournament in Twitch history.

The historic Uno tournament hosted by Austin Show will involve 16 teams of some of the biggest creators in streaming, including Ludwig, Hasan, Myth, and Valkyrae among others.

The team who emerges victorious in this event will take home a $350,000 prize.


Opening the event will be a musical performance by 24K Brown Magic. Courage and Nadeshot will then host a live episode of their talk show. Harry Mack will be the second and final music guest of the night and will perform before the competitions.

First up will be the $100K Bitcoin edition of #CashAppTrivia and right after will be the historic $350,000 Uno championship. All payouts from the event will be awarded in Bitcoin.

Where can I watch the stream?

All the action will begin at 12:45 pm PT on Tuesday, April 20 and the event will be broadcast on the CashApp Twitch channel.

Currently, there is no indication of how long the event will run for, but with five events, expect there to be plenty of action.