How to watch Minecraft MC Championship 9

Don't miss out on the action.

Image via Noxcrew

Shortly after the end of MC Championship 8, Noxcrew announced that the ninth edition of the event would air on Sept. 12. The latest tournament welcomed some of the most famous names in the Minecraft scene and fans were treated to an epic ending that excited spectators even more for the next MC Championship.

Noxcrew’s MC has become one of the highest-profile tournaments in the Minecraft community after Minecraft Monday decided not to organize more events in late 2019. While the organizer tries to hold an event every month, the schedule heavily relies on the participating players’ availability, meaning there isn’t a predetermined event calendar.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Minecraft MC Championship 9.


Each MC Championship tournament features 10 teams of four. Teams clash against each other in various mini-games, testing their skill sets in the process. These mini-games include different parkour, survival, and combat maps that require a certain level of teamwork.

After all the initial events conclude, the top two teams with the most score play against each other in a final game to decide the champion.

Most maps used during the event tend to be classics, but Noxcrew is also known for introducing slight changes to make them more challenging.


Noxcrew broadcasts the event on its Twitch channel. It’s not the only way to watch the event, however, since most participants will also stream the games from their point-of-view. The admin view stream from Noxcrew features commentary and updates the channel links of the streamers participating in a specific round so that you can swap around frequently.

Check out the full list of competitors for alternative streams. Setting up a dynamic setup consisting of the remaining competitors in the final rounds increases the hype levels drastically and makes the MC Championship finals even more exciting.


The event will begin on Saturday, Sept. 12 at 2pm CT. The event usually lasts around three hours, but it also depends on the mini-games chosen for the tournament and the connectivity of the players.