How to watch MC Championship 8

Watch the players or the main stream.

Image via Noxcrew

The eighth MC Championship is just around the corner, with 10 teams of four YouTubers and streamers gearing up to battle it out in a playlist of Minecraft mini-games. 

The stream is scheduled to begin at 2pm CT on Aug. 15, with streams usually lasting about two and a half hours. Unlike traditional competitions, you won’t be forced to watch one centralized stream to see the action. Instead, you can tune into any of the competitors and watch their point of view as the play each of the games live. 

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This lets viewers customize their experience a little bit. Additionally, listening to the team comms during hectic mini-games like Bingo But Fast and Big Sales at Build Mart makes for some quality entertainment. 

That does mean you aren’t going to have a swapping camera perspective showing you a variety of teams, however. If you want to watch multiple players, you will need to open streams for players on separate teams, such as Wilbur Soot for the Red Rabbits and Shubble for the Orange Ocelots. 

If you do want a more traditional experience, there is an admin view stream on the Noxcrew Twitch channel where you’ll be able to watch the entire tournament, hear commentary from the map developers and designers. That channel will also have a hub displaying everyone else streaming the event, with links to those channels, too.