How to fix Among Us 6 Digit Code Error

There is an easy solution.

Image via Innersloth

Thanks to Twitch and content creators, Among Us has become one of the most played games of 2020. But because it was actually released in 2018, the indie title wasn’t built to handle a peak player base of over 300,000 people. 

That has led to the game experiencing multiple issues with matchmaking and general server availability, which is something developer InnerSloth has been working on in recent updates. 

In one of the most recent updates, Among Us swapped from using a four-digit lobby code system to six-digits because more servers were made available. Just like with the previous model, players have been reporting that they are unable to join a lobby using the six-digit codes.

According to one of the developers, this simply means that your version of the game isn’t updated to the current v2020.9.9 version. This should fix most player’s problems, but InnerSloth is also aware that there are other problems affecting the game. 

The devs are currently updating the servers and working on other fixes, but for now, your best bet is checking to see if you are playing on the v2020.9.9 version and in the correct region.