How much money does MoonMoon make on Twitch?

To the moon.

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MoonMoon has been one of the staples of consistency on Twitch over the past three years.

The variety streamer, who originally gained his popularity playing Overwatch on the platform, has carved out an audience that sticks with him no matter what he does.

While he has an all-time high active subscriber count of 36,621, he consistently hovers around 20,000 subs, according to Twitch Tracker, something that not many other content creators are capable of.

Though he doesn’t necessarily put up the same sort of average viewership statistics some top streamers do, his impeccably consistent schedule has helped him build a brand that makes him among the highest-paid content creators on Twitch.

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After Twitch payouts for subscribers, bits, and ad revenue were leaked earlier this month, MoonMoon was listed as the 20th ranked streamer in terms of payouts between August 2019 and October 2021.

In that 26-month period, MoonMoon purportedly made $2,236,043 from those three sources of revenue on Twitch. The figure does not include direct donations to MoonMoon’s channel, merchandise sales, sponsorships, or any exclusivity deal he might have with the platform.

MoonMoon has averaged 17,095 viewers in the past 365 days with 1,956 hours of airtime, giving him 33.4 million hours watched on the platform, according to SullyGnome

That figure makes him the 52nd most-watched streamer in that time and puts him in the same realm as streamers like Amouranth, Tommyinnit, Tfue, and CohhCarnage.


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