Hasan takes issue with Maya’s taste in comedy after being labeled ‘F-tier’

"Maya does not have good taste in comedy."

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/HasanAbi

The trend of rating streamers has continued in the weeks following a controversial list that xQc generated ranking his peers. And today, Maya put herself in the line of fire by taking out HasanAbi.

The popular female content creator was a guest this morning on Nick Polom’s stream (nmplol), and while making a tier list of the funniest Twitch personalities, she placed the platform’s premier political commentator at the bottom of her list—in the F-tier.

Hasan’s placement by Maya drew an immediate visible reaction from NMP, who was left speechless with his mouth agape at the suggestion that Hasan was humorless.

Hasan didn’t take the ranking personally, but he took a moment during his stream to address Maya’s assessment of other streamers’ comedic inclinations. After jokingly saying that he was “so mad,” Hasan noticed she seemed to get defensive at pushback from chatters about the rating.

“The worst part is that she’s defending it now,” he said. “If it was like ‘haha, here’s the fucking thing. You’re F-tier.’ That’s one thing. But she’s like “no, Hasan is not funny. He has never been funny.’ … That’s salt in the wound.”

While Hasan watched the video and jovially reacted to his poor placement, a chatter mentioned to him that a thread with the Twitch clip on the Livestream Fail subreddit had to be locked by moderators because fans were taking the comical thought experiment too seriously.

“First of all, humor is subjective,” Hasan said. “I don’t know if Maya is being serious here or not. It doesn’t even matter. I still love Maya.”

But Hasan went on to say that her list was a “demonstrably bad take” because she placed his good friend Will Neff in the C-tier. Hasan added that he finds Neff, who is one of his closest friends on the platform, to be one of the funniest people on Twitch.

“Will unironically is one of the funniest dudes on the platform,” he said. “He has acting chops. He has comedy chops. He’s quick. … From this, what do we find out? Well, we find out that Maya does not have good taste in comedy.”

Making “tier lists” of other streamers has become a content farming tool for some creators lately because of the drama that ensued when xQc created a tier list of the best streamers overall on Twitch. After seeing the list, Hasan started a tiff with Twitch’s most-watched content creator for only ranking him in his B tier. The back and forth led to other streamers chiming in on the matter, resulting in more attention to all parties involved.