Hasan says MultiVersus is “Infinitely better” than 90% of Warner Bros. content

"And not because of the #ad."

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/HasanAbi

Warner has spent the past week promoting its upcoming free-to-play brawler MultiVersus through sponsored streams on Twitch, and even though the game is still in early access, Hasan is buying the hype. While Hasan isn’t necessarily a fighting game enthusiast, he did a sponsored stream for the game earlier in the week, and today he gave it more praise, seemingly free of charge.

“I’m going long on MultiVersus and not because of the #ad,” he said. 

Hasan is known for his no-nonsense approach to giving opinions, and he made it clear through his tone that this week’s sponsored stream wasn’t distorting his position. The primary assertion he made was that the publisher did more with the game than just flaunt all of the Intellectual Property (IP) it owns.

Warner’s collection of games associated with mainstream Intellectual Property includes numerous Lego titles. They have used popular IP ranging from Star Wars to Harry Potter. They were also responsible for popular fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2

“They finally did an IP play that actually is fun to play,” he said. “This is infinitely better than 90% of the content that the Warner Bros. have put out in the past couple of years where all of their f***ing content is… basically just an IP flex.”

Hasan admitted that MultiVersus shows off a wide array of Warner’s IP, but he believes that in this game, they put all of the IP to good use. While Hasan admitted to not having much experience with other brawlers, like Smash Bros., he spent nearly four hours playing the game on Tuesday as a part of a sponsored stream.

During his time playing the game, Hasan averaged 29,633 viewers, peaking at 34,062, according to Streams Charts. As is typically the case for his stream, his gameplay had slightly lower viewership than his time spent in Just Chatting, where he usually talks about hot-button news and political topics.