GDQ raises over $400,000 for COVID-19 relief with Corona Relief Done Quick

Games Done Quick has raised over $25 million for charity in seven years.

Image via GDQ | Remix by Will Copus

The Games Done Quick team raised over $400,000 this weekend to benefit Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that’s helping in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This money was raised during GDQ’s sporadic weekend event known as Corona Relief Done Quick, which saw a host of speedruns take place from a number of different streamers.

It was basically a mini SGDQ or AGDQ event, except with people playing the games from their homes due to social distancing and lockdowns across the globe.

Throughout the weekend, GDQ showcased a series of speedruns. Some games made their GDQ debut, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield, which ran for up to four hours. Fans also saw a series of games from the usual franchises on offer at a GDQ event, such as Halo and Mario.

Fans will have to wait until August to see the next GDQ fiesta when SGDQ 2020 is set to take part in Bloomington, Minnesota—if the COVID-19 pandemic is over by then.