Forsen unbanned after one day

The streamer was suddenly banned following a Minecraft stream.

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Popular streamer and former competitive Hearthstone player Forsen has been unbanned after suddenly receiving the ban yesterday.

According to the StreamerBans Twitter account, the ban has been lifted after just one day, one hour, and 14 minutes. When the ban was initially announced, there was a lot of confusion as to the reasoning behind the ban. Still, after it has been lifted there has been no clarity on this and it is likely we will never know why this was ban was put in place.

Earlier this year in May, Forsen was banned for two weeks after using insensitive language to refer to Russian VALORANT players. According to Forsen, this ban came after he shared a tweet stating “saying retarded Russians instead of retarded ‘people who cant participate in voice comms in VALORANT due to legal reasons”.

Viewers of the streamer have went through his recent live streams, including his most recent Minecraft stream trying to pinpoint what exactly could have caused this issue, however, nothing has been found that would lead to his ban.

Twitch notoriously does not share the reasons for the enforcement of its banning. Forsen himself has not come out and spoken on this ban.