Follower emotes now available on Twitch

Follow a streamer, receive cool emotes.

Image via Twitch

All Twitch Partners and Affiliates now have access to five follower emotes that viewers can receive upon following a Twitch streamer.

The five emotes are free and are simply unlocked by following a streamer. The feature is available for Twitch Partners and Affiliates who have instant upload eligibility. Prior to this announcement, the addition of follower emotes seemed to be random and only a few streamers had the ability to enable it.

In a Twitter post, Twitch also said it’s still working on animated emotes for Affiliates and they’ll have access to them by the end of January. Animated emotes are currently available for Twitch Partners.

Twitch Partners and Affiliates who don’t have access to instant upload can get it by adhering to the requirements put forth by Twitch. For Partners, it must be at least 60 days since they’ve been Partnered and 60 days since an infraction. For Affiliates, they must have streamed for a total of 60 days within the last two years. Days don’t have to be sequential and new Affiliates can’t count time prior to being an Affiliate. Their account must also be in good standing.

For those who do have access to instant upload, they can head to the creator dashboard to put in their follower emotes. From the left-hand sidebar in the creator dashboard, select “Viewer Rewards” and then “Emotes.” From there, select the “Slot Assignment” dropdown menu and choose “Follower.”

The emotes aren’t global on Twitch and are restricted to the followed channel. Emotes can either be reassigned or new ones can be uploaded.