Finnish streamer brings explosive end to subathon by blowing up his car

TurunPug ends his stream with a bang.

Screengrab via TurunPug

Twitch streamer TurunPug ended his subathon with a blast, purposefully blowing up his own car to put a cap on his days-spanning stream.

Ending his broadcast on March 19, TurunPug reached his final sub goal set out at the beginning of the stream. As promised, the streamer had to complete an outlandish task, blowing up his own car. Briefly ending stream to set up the explosion in a safe environment, TurunPug, alongside several others, strapped the streamer’s Ford Fiesta with 36kg of dynamite.

The old car was blown to pieces, becoming a nearly unrecognizable husk of metal by the time the smoke cleared. Though without a car, the initial clip of TurunPug’s dramatic end to his subathon quickly garnered attention even by those who were unaware of the streamer. The clip quickly amassed 25,000 views upon release.

Subathons have become a recent trend among streamers, exploding in popularity over the course of the past year. For each new sub, the streamer running the subathon adds time to how long the stream will last. The increment of time each new subscription is worth is entirely at the streamer’s discretion, though there have been cases in which streamers have spent hundreds of hours continuously on broadcast.

Countless streamers have attempted the ambitious undertaking, with Ludwig undoubtedly being the most infamous case. Streaming for nearly the entire month of March in 2021, Ludwig set the standard for subathons. In the case of TurunPug however, the Finnish streamer found a much more dramatic way to mark the end of his subathon.