Fan creates incredible streamer Among Us skin concepts

One streamer had some questions regarding design choices.

Image via Innersloth

Since its spike in popularity, Among Us has provided a range of community-made content. From funny clips to short films, the simplicity of the crewmate’s appearance within the game has inspired artists to create their own skin concepts based on different themes.

Twitter user xPRKRx shared their latest work, which is several crewmate skins based on some of the most popular Among Us streamers. In this piece, we see Jordan Fisher, SypherPK, Ninja, CouRage, Valyrae, and Dr. Lupo.

The streamer has gone into detail personalizing each character to suit their specific channel and defining features, such as Ninja’s blue hair.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop shared the art, questioning why the artist had made some of the creative choices they had in regards to his skin before admitting it was a perfect choice.

xPRKRx responded to CouRage jokingly sharing that this had been payback for not featuring another piece of work the artist had done about CouRage on his stream for a long enough duration. In the clip, CouRage scrolls to the artwork on Reddit clicking it and giving the artist huge props for his work before exiting after 12 seconds.

Streamers have become an integral part of Among Us’ success, inspiring an entire community to create their own game-related content.