Fall Guys mobile version on YouTube is a scam, dev team warns

Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4.

Image via Devolver Digital

Videos of an alleged mobile version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have appeared on YouTube recently. But the developers warned fans on Twitter today, saying there’s no mobile version of the game.

There are several videos on “how to play Fall Guys on mobile” popping up on YouTube, but Fall Guys is only available on PC and PlayStation 4 at the moment, so any app claiming to be the game is a scam.

Some of these scam videos have accumulated over half a million views with players looking for an app that doesn’t exist. You may encounter ads about a mobile Fall Guys version as well.

The screengrab used to exemplify a scam video points players to a website called fallguysmobile.com, which isn’t affiliated with the game’s developers whatsoever. The official website is FallGuys.com, which shows as soon as you enter the home page that it’s just on PS4 and PC for now.

Be careful with these videos and don’t download any apps claiming to be Fall Guys on mobile. There’s no telling what you’d actually be downloading.

Mediatonic hasn’t announced any plans to launch the game on mobile yet or on other consoles such as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.