Escape from Tarkov provides boost to DrLupo’s viewership even without in-game drops

It's up a third from when he was playing Fortnite.

Screengrab via GuardianCon

Fortnite enhanced the careers of many content creators on Twitch and DrLupo is a prime example of that. But over the past few weeks, his airtime playing Escape from Tarkov has shown strong potential to grow his stream. 

Tarkov blew up on Twitch at the end of the year when in-game drops were made available for viewers from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5. And while many of the content creators who benefited from the bump were endemic to Tarkov, some weren’t. 

Along with influencers like Dr Disrespect, Lupo began playing the game on stream posting more than 68 hours of airtime in just seven days during the event. His 889,189 hours watched gave him an average of 12,918 viewers, according to data by Stream Hatchet.

The figures may not be particularly impressive compared to the nearly 50,000 average CCV Disrespect posted from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5, but it’s what has happened to Lupo’s stream after the event ended that’s made him stick out. 

Since Jan. 6, Lupo’s average viewership playing Tarkov has stayed above 12,000 viewers, while the viewership of many other influencers, like Disrespect, has dropped precipitously. In 83 hours of airtime, Lupo has posted more than one million hours watched. Disrespect, on the other hand, has seen his average viewership playing Tarkov cut in half, down to just 24,000 CCV across 38 hours. 

Keeping his average viewer count above 12,000 also marks an improvement for Lupo from 2019. Last year, the influencer primarily played Fortnite, posting 12.37 million hours watched with an average of 8,833 viewers. He also averaged just more than 9,000 viewers with his 170 hours of airtime on Apex Legends that netted 1.53 million hours watched. 

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While viewership for Tarkov has predictably dropped since the end of the Twitch’s in-game loot event, the title is still one of the top games on the platform. 

The game’s 11 million hours watched in the past seven days pales in comparison to the more than 30 million it mustered up from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5. It’s still second only to League of Legends in terms of hours watched among games on Twitch, however, despite having significantly less airtime among content creators.

The week following the in-game drop event, Jan. 6 to 12, Summit1g led influencers who played the game, even though he abstained from the in-game drop event the prior week. His average of 20,019 viewers helped him hit 1.3 million hours watched, but Lupo was the second most-watched gamer on Twitch playing the game, even ahead of Disrespect. 

In a category as oversaturated as Fortnite, Lupo was just one streamer in a sea of content creators last year. But now, he seems to be establishing his own foothold by playing a game that recently got a lot of attention but doesn’t have nearly the same amount of content creators playing it as Fortnite does.