Erobb221’s viewers go ‘on strike’ after streamer refuses to do 24-hour stream

Viewers of the world united.

Screengrab via Erobb

Erobb221, the streamer notorious for his fails on stream, yet again is dealing with a tricky situation after his entire chat and subreddit decided to go on strike.

In a now-deleted April 12 stream, Erobb pulled out a spin wheel with a variety of randomized content options. While some designated parts of the wheel were clearer than others, with the potential options ranging from “sausage and syrup festival” to Mario Kart, viewers waited with bated breath to see where the wheel would ultimately end up.

Though it’s now unreviewable due to the VOD being deleted, viewers clearly thought that the wheel landed on the 24-hour stream section. Erobb contested this, however, insisting that the wheel landed on one of the dividing lines. After re-spinning, the wheel ultimately landed on a Mario Kart stream.

Viewers did not care for Erobb’s almost immediate dismal of a 24-hour stream and quickly began protesting. The official Erobb subreddit, where the streamer spends much of his time, was flooded with empty posts mere moments afterward. The streamer was in disbelief as he saw nothing but black, empty squares on his subreddit’s page.

“They actually went on freaking strike, man,” Erobb said as he scrolled down the page, “There is no way you guys are actually on strike.” It did not stop at his subreddit, however. Even users in his chat were posting blank messages and reiterating their displeasure with Erobb’s decision to re-spin the wheel. With nearly zero interaction with chat or his general community, Erobb ended his stream shortly after.

Erobb’s community is still firmly protesting, going on day two. It’s unclear exactly where this strike will go from here, but Erobb likely won’t be able to stream anytime soon without having to confront his chat.