Erobb destroys $2,000 PC after 10 hours of attempting to build it


Screengrab via Erobb

Building a custom PC is the dream of gamers everywhere. Being able to pick every part of your rig to match your needs and your aesthetic perfectly can be a fun and stressful process but is almost always worth it in the end. This was unfortunately not the case for popular streamer Erobb, however, who fried his PC after attempting to build it for 10 hours. 

Erobb is the younger brother of popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 but has amassed his own fan base who enjoy his various IRL and gaming streams. Erobb recently invested in a PC that he built live on stream for over 10 hours. 

The building process does take a few hours if you have no guidance or are a first-time builder, but 10 hours is usually overkill. Erobb struggled throughout the day, but he used his Twitch chat and other forms of help on his journey. After a day full of tedious building, Erobb was finally ready to turn on his PC. 

As Erobb flipped the switch to turn on his computer, he noticed a flash in his PC that was followed by the computer turning off. Erobb realized that something was wrong internally and that he possibly destroyed his $2,000 PC. 

Fans weren’t surprised by the outcome, though, since Erobb wasn’t the most careful during the building process. Many viewers claim he was unorganized, used an unreliable tutorial video, and didn’t take proper care of each part. Fans familiar with PCs couldn’t identify the specific issue with Erobb’s computer and aren’t sure if he can salvage the build. 

Erobb’s setback is likely frustrating for him, but it taught a hard lesson about building PCs: Make sure to do your research and carefully assemble expensive components to avoid wasting 10 hours and thousands of dollars.