DrLupo promotes new film with help from Borat

Very nice.

Screengrab via DrLupo

DrLupo spent an hour promoting Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, yesterday with a little bit of assistance from Borat himself in one of the more bizarre sponsored streams you’ll ever watch.

Starting a stream at 5pm CT, Lupo quickly gained more than 50,000 viewers as he prepared to play games against Cohen’s fictional “Borat” character, who claims to be Kazakhstan’s top esports gamer.

But once the co-star arrived, things started to get about as weird as you’d expect from Borat. While the two never actually played a video game together, Borat challenged Lupo to a wrestling competition. 

Meanwhile, when asked about things like “Twitch” and a computer “mouse,” Borat started making inappropriate, and often sexually suggestive, comments that made it very clear the character had no clue how streaming video games on the internet works.

Despite the lack of actual gaming, Lupo showed a trailer for Baron Cohen’s upcoming film that releases on Friday, Oct. 23. After having an apparent “disconnection” with Borat, Lupo played a little bit of Escape From Tarkov before ending his hour-long promotional stream.

The entire stream was as outlandish as it was successful, however. Even though the stream was only an hour long and Lupo spent a very limited time speaking with Borat, the channel’s peak viewership of more than 130,000 served as Lupo’s highest peak in the past year, according to Twitch statistic website SullyGnome.

During his Just Chatting session, Lupo’s channel maintained an average of more than 85,000 viewers. And while Borat was on with him, Lupo kept things steadily over 100,000 viewers.